Love Lessons – Sex Fantasies and How to Enjoy Them With Your Lover

Do you dream and fantasize about sex? A lot of couples do and fantasy is an element that keeps a relationship alive and active. There are differences in what women fantasize about and what men fantasize about. To learn love lessons about sex fantasy, you have to go to the expert: learn to share these with your partner and then be honest enough to make the right dreams and fantasies come true.

Nature has made us different so let’s look the type of sex fantasies women may have first and then compare those to male fantasies:

• Having sex with a celebrity. Many women dream about sex with a celebrity from time to time. Some celebrities often women fantasize or have sexual dreams about include Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Denzel Washington among many others. Many researchers equate this to women favoring a strong powerful partner that make them feel loved and protected.

• Fantasizing by calling their lover “daddy”. Some psychologists like to call this the “Electra” complex. All women see themselves as little girls and this is a natural progression to see their lover as “dad” even going to their first sexual act in their minds.

• Rape or surrender fantasies. Some women often dream of their lover taking total control of the act and being able to surrender where their lover devours them sexually. This is a very powerful fantasy and gives great satisfaction to women who dream about it.

• Strap on or dominatrix fantasies. She wants to be in control of the act and feel what her man feels when he is in control. These take different forms and make women feel respected and wanted.

Men also fantasize although the biggest difference in men’s sex fantasy seems to be the act itself rather than the relationship between themselves and their lover. A lot of this could be attributed to the fact that men subconsciously think about spreading their sperm to as many partners as possible (an instinct perhaps?).

Here are some common male fantasies:

• The three way. A lot of men often fantasize about their lover and another woman in bed. This is a tricky fantasy as bringing other people to bed with you can present problems in more than one way. A safe way to handle this may be porn or if your lover is open, to let her pick the person and to be sure you focus your attention on her and her needs.

• The boss-secretary fantasy. Men often fantasize about being in a control situation and the boss-secretary situation presents that. Being able to tell your lover how to satisfy you and go to the sexual edge makes this a very satisfying and great role-playing type fantasy.

• Making a sex movie. Men are very visually stimulated and this is the ultimate in playing out this fantasy. The problem with a tape of this type is that if the relationship goes sour, it can be dynamite. Still if both partners are secure, it can be fun.

• Love with another woman during sex. This happens all the time and often men visualize it in their minds to make their orgasms more powerful during sex. This is where dressing your partner up to look like your fantasy woman may help. Just be sure to be very tactful if it is an associate you may both know so jealousy doesn’t creep in.

How do you get your partner to play out a sex fantasy? First you should talk and communicate with each other. Letting your partner know about a fantasy is exposing a part of yourself to them and discovery of this type can make a relationship strong. Being creative is great at cementing your relationship and boring repetitive sex makes being with your partner less appealing. Some fantasies should be approached slowly and carefully. Love lessons about fantasies and your partner can add sparkle, pizazz and excitement to your love life.

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